Data acquisition module AD9220 module high speed digital-to-analog converter 12-bit ADC module 10MSPS sampling rate

ADS1256 Module 24-bit ADC AD Module High Precision ADC Acquisition Data Acquisition Card Analog to Digital Converter

High speed AD module AD9226 module Parallel 12 bit AD 65M data acquisition FPGA NEW board

ADS1256 24 bit ADC AD module High precision ADC acquisition Data acquisition card Analog to digital converter

Hart data acquisition module RTU HART Ethernet data simulator HART-TCP

High precision of serial RS2328 Road 24 bit AD data acquisition module Voltage and current Modbus ADS1256

DAC8563 digital to analog conversion module data acquisition module Dual 16-bit DAC adjustable ± 10V voltage

Data Acquisition Module PGA202 Module digital instrumentation amplifier digital programmable gain automatic adjustment circuit

AD7606 Module Multi-channel AD Data Acquisition Module 16-bit ADC 8-channel Synchronization Sampling Frequency 200KHz

YAV 8Multi multifunction data acquisition and control module 8AI 2 relay 4DI serial port /usb

Data Acquisition Modules - Advantech

Data Acquisition Modules Advantech's data acquisition modules and Ethernet Remote I/O modules provide ideal industrial control and measurement solutions for harsh environments and demanding applications.

Data Acquisition Modules for PLA 3.0 Bioassay Software

You can use our Data Acquisition Modules to populate the data tables of a document directly from external systems. A typical example would be Data Acquisition Modules for plate readers. A plate reader provides a stream of measurement values that need to be imported into the data table of a specific document.

USB Data Acquisition Modules | Keysight

The USB data acquisition (DAQ) family gives you the choice and flexibility to create solutions that evolve and expand according to your changing measurement needs. You can quickly and easily acquire, measure and analyze data from electrical, mechanical, physical and acoustical phenomena.

Technical information DATA ACQUISITION MODULE

The Data Acquisition Module measures the electric power in an AC grid. To measure the total power, one Data Acquisition Module measures the power on a central cable in a central distribution board. The total current flows through the central cable. If there is no central cable, each individual cable must be measured separately. The total power is the aggregate of the individual measurements ...

Advantech | Data Acquisition Modules

ADAM Data Acquisition Modules Advantech's ADAM data acquisition modules and ethernet I/O modules provide ideal industrial control and measurement solutions for harsh environments and demanding applications. Features include wide operating temperature ranges and multiple mounting methods. Discuss your project requirements

24-Bit USB or Ethernet Data Acquisition Modules - Data ...

24-Bit USB or Ethernet Data Acquisition Modules - Data Translation Ultra-accurate high resolution data acquisition devices, available also with ±500V isolation between all inputs and up to 48 channels.

Simultaneous USB Data Acquisition Modules - Data Translation

Simultaneous USB Data Acquisition Modules - Data Translation Simultaneous data acquisition devices: digital I/Os, counters, tachometer input, and every single analog input channel are acquired synchronously and simultaneously at the same instant of time.

Data Acquisition (DAQ) - NI

Data acquisition (DAQ) is the process of measuring an electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, vibration or sound with a computer. A DAQ system consists of sensors, DAQ measurement hardware, and a computer with application software.

Data acquisition - Wikipedia

Data acquisition is the process of sampling signals that measure real world physical conditions and converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer. Data acquisition systems, abbreviated by the initialisms DAS or DAQ, typically convert analog waveforms into digital values for processing.

Modbus TCP/MQTT/SNMP/RESTful | Ethernet I/O Modules | Data ...

Modbus TCP/MQTT/SNMP/RESTful. ADAM-6000 Seriesl IoT Ethernet Remote I/O Modules support MQTT(TLS), SNMP, Modbus TCP, RESTful, ASCII Protocols. ADAM-6000 accomplishes the integration of automation and enterprise systems easily through internet technology, so that users can avoid changing the entire architecture of the control system and even remotely monitor the device status more flexibly.

Multifunction USB Data Acquisition Modules - Data Translation

Multifunction USB Data Acquisition Modules Overview Data Translation offers a wide range of USB Data Acquisition devices for any application and budget, from low cost single-function modules to high-performance, high-precision, multifunction measurement instruments.

Data Acquisition | DAQ | ADLINK - ADLINK Technology

ADLINK's wide range of PC-based data acquisition modules support analog input, load cell sensor measurement, analog output, digital I/O, relay outputs, and timer/counter boards.

Chapter 14: ADC, Data Acquisition and Control

Chapter 14: Analog to Digital Conversion, Data Acquisition and Control Modified to be compatible with EE319K Lab 8 . Jonathan Valvano and Ramesh Yerraballi . Throughout this course we have seen that an embedded system uses its input/output devices to interact with the external world. In this chapter we will focus on input devices that we use to gather information about the world. More ...

DAQ Modules | LAN-Xi | Brüel & Kjær

Use a single module, a stand-alone data acquisition frontend, or join together multiple modules in a frame to increase your channel count. The Sample synchronization, using precision time protocol (PTP) and GPS, enables you to build a distributed DAQ system based on multiple frontends, and is the ideal hardware for BK Connect®, PULSE LabShop, Sonoscout®, and Test for I-deas. Type 2831 ...

Data Acquisition Modules | communication and connectivity

8-Channel Voltage Input USB Data Acquisition Module OM-USB-1208FS-1408FS-1608FS The OM-USB-1208FS is a 12-bit resolution 8 input voltage input USB DAQ module. The OM-USB-1408FS & OM-USB1608FS are 14-bit and 16-bit resolution, respectively.

Data Acquisition - Measurement Computing

Data Acquisition Systems Modular data acquisition systems are designed for high-channel count and complex systems that need to integrate and synchronize multiple sensor types. These systems are more complex to integrate and use, but are extremely flexible. Modular systems are the most expensive data acquisition option, but many applications require the features that only a data acquisition ...

Data Translation - USB and Ethernet Data Acquisition ...

Data Translation offers high performance USB and Ethernet data acquisition (DAQ) modules and instrumentation for temperature, voltage as well as sound & vibration measurement and analysis with supporting software solutions for the test and measurement market.

Isolated USB Data Acquisition Modules - Data Translation

Isolated USB Data Acquisition Modules overview The proven DT9800 series of high-performance USB data acquisition modules include all the capabilities of prior PCI plug-in boards in easy-to-use, compact modules. Different connection options (screw terminals, BNC, or IDC headers) available.

Data Acquisition Reference Design for LabVIEW - NI

Data Acquisition. The Data Acquisition module acquires data from the configured data source. This would typically be a hardware data acquisition device, but could also be data from a file or even simulated data. This module must be able to acquire data in a lossless fashion and send it to other processes for logging to disk, signal processing, or display. Depending on the application ...

Data Acquisition Software & Hardware Solutions ...

Modular Data Acquisition System with a wide variety of Plug-in cards and software drivers available. View Products. High Speed Distributed Data Acquisition. The instruNet USB system is a low cost high speed card cage system that attaches to Windows computers via USB 2.0.

DT9844 - 20-Bit Resolution USB Measurement Modules - Data ...

The DT9844 is a high accuracy and high speed USB data acquisition module offering unparalleled performance. The specially designed circuitry on this module reduces crosstalk between channels even at highest sampling rates. When combined with the free QuickDAQ software the DT9844 provides a high performance measurement solution for even the most sophisticated application.

Data Acquisition | Signal Analysis System | m+p international

Standalone data acquisition for environments where PCs cannot go; Addressing a Complete Range of Data Acquisition Applications. Thanks to its modular structure and easy parameterization, m+p Coda is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications: Measurements and data analysis on test stands and test assemblies; Performance, functional tests and condition monitoring of turbo-compressors ...

Data Acquisition Toolbox Documentation - MathWorks Deutschland

The toolbox apps let you interactively set up a data acquisition interface and configure it to your hardware. You can then generate equivalent MATLAB code to automate your data acquisition. Toolbox functions give you the flexibility to control the analog input, analog output, counter/timer, and digital I/O subsystems of a DAQ device.

TRION™ Signal Conditioning modules for data acquisition ...

Simultaneous sampling TRION™ signal conditioner modules are the heart and soul of the DEWE2 series of data acquisition systems. TRION™ modules combine the power of simultaneous sampling and 24 bit ADC technology with advanced DEWETRON signal conditioning – plug one convenient module right into your DEWE2 platform.

Temperature USB Data Acquisition Modules - Data Translation

Temperature USB Data Acquisition Modules Portable or multi-channel temperature measurement solutions for direct connection of up to 48 thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000), and NTC thermistors. DT9828: DT9829: MEASURpoint USB: DT9805 and DT9806: QuickDAQ: Low-Cost Thermocouple DAQ Module: 8-Channel USB Multi-Sensor Measurement: Precision Temperature ...

Gen5 Data Acquisition Module - PLA 3.0

Gen5 Data Acquisition Module Features Fast, secure and reliable data transfer from Gen5 to PLA. All imported data is fully retrace-able (audit trail). Compliant with requirements for regulated environments. Data can be analyzed with statistical methods not included in the reader control software. More information on PLA 3.0 Data Acquisition ...

DAQ - Data Acquisition Modules

MicroDAQ.com, Ltd. sells data loggers and data acquisition devices worldwide, exclusively through the internet. As the world's largest single source for data loggers, representing over 25 manufacturers of loggers and data acquisition systems, we address the needs of the transportation, pharmaceutical, environmental, educational, scientific and industrial communities.

Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Data acquisition systems from DATAQ Instruments are available for a wide range of special-and general-purpose applications, and for any interface and deployment method. Our data acquisition systems support voltage, current, thermocouple, 4-20 mA measurements and more in any combination. Choose either a USB or Ethernet interface, and stand-alone solutions that record data to their own memory ...

Data Acquisition Models | Microsoft Docs

Data Acquisition Models. 05/31/2018; 2 minutes to read; In this article. Applications typically control still-image acquisition devices through imaging APIs such as TWAIN or ISIS. For the most part, applications that use these APIs operate under the pull model of data acquisition. In the pull model, you locate and select a source of data. The application then uses the imaging API to acquire ...

High Speed Data Acquisition Products (DAQ), 1-240 MHz

Our data acquisition cards are high-precision and high-resolution and offer complex trigger options, continuous data acquisition mode, differential or single-ended inputs, digital marker inputs and ICP / IEPE supply for piezo sensors. The DAQ cards can of course be used for our data acquisition systems. For a maximum sampling rate, each channel ...


The CutPro® Data Acquisition Module is a highly versatile PC-based data acquisition and analysis software. It is specifically designed for machining applications to provide the user with a clean and simple interface. The program was developed and tested for National Instruments DAQ Cards such as the NI-9234, which are 4 channel DAQs connected to PCs through a USB cable.

Modbus TCP Data Acquisition | ICP DAS USA Inc

Modbus TCP based Data Acquisition Modules in a analog and digital I/O configurations including current, voltage, thermistor, thermocouple, RTD, and strain gauge. Some are powered over Ethernet, some have two Ethernet ports and some can send email alarms and trigger outputs based on inputs.

PCIE DAQ Cards | Data Acquisition (DAQ) I/O Modules ...

Advantech offers a wide range of PCIE (PCI Express) Data Acquisition (DAQ) cards, ranging from Analog to Digital, Counter, Relay, TTL options. Multifunction DAQ PCIE cards are also available. Perfect for Instrumentation control and data acquisition systems.

Data Acquisition (DAQ) | Dataforth

Data acquisition begins with the physical phenomenon or physical property to be measured. Examples of this include temperature, light intensity, gas pressure, fluid flow, and force. Regardless of the type of physical property to be measured, the physical state that is to be measured must first be transformed into a unified form that can be sampled by a data acquisition system. The task of ...

Data Acquisition Module for Highly Dynamic Measurements | HBM

The QuantumX MX410B universal 4-channel data acquisition module allows for particularly precise and fast acquisition of measured data. It offers a wide range of applications and an excellent price-performance ratio. The MX410B is a module of the QuantumX series and enables mechanical quantities such as force, displacement, pressure, and acceleration, as well as vibration and sound, to be ...

Data Acquisition - Accurate Technologies Inc.

The EMX data acquisition product family is based on a modular chassis design offering combinations of internal measurement module types to support different applications making it a cost per channel industry leader. The EMX has flexible communication interface options such as CAN, CAN FD and Ethernet with hardware IEEE-1588 PTP time sync. The

data acquisition - Deutsch-Übersetzung – Linguee Wörterbuch

the modules installed - via the [...] operating and machine data acquisition system that is connected [...] to the network by means of [...] a special PC communication board and, if necessary, by means of the batch control system that runs in the master control system. krones.co. krones.co. Die Kopplung des Linien-Management-Systems erfolgt - je [...] nach eingesetzten [...] Funktionsmodulen ...

Data Acquisition Modules | Rhopoint Components

The D1500 bridge input module is part of the DGH's D1000 sensor to computer interface data acquisition module family. This input module converts the outputs from load cells, strain gauges or other bridge type sensor input signal to digital data, linearises and scales it in mV, and communicates the values using the ASCII protocol to give digital output. The D1500 bridge input module also ...

Multi-channel data acquisition module USB-6000 | All About ...

I don't understand how data acquisition module USB-6000 works. I have downloaded user guide of data acquisition module...

USB-Based Data Acquisition Modules Series

USB-Based Data Acquisition Modules. 1.888.KEITHLEY (U.S. only) www.keithley.com DATA ACQUISITION PRODUCTS A GREATER MEASURE OF CONFIDENCE The perfect solution for portable applications The perfect solution for portable applications KUSB-3100 The KUSB-3100 module, our economical solution, provides eight single-ended inputs with 12-bit resolution, up to 50 kS/s throughput, two 12-bit ±10V ...

Power & Energy, Class i Division 2 Solutions, Data ...

Advantech's data acquisition modules and Ethernet Remote I/O modules provide ideal industrial control and measurement solutions for harsh environments and demanding applications. With wide operating temperature ranges and multiple mounting methods, Advantech's ADAM series, such as RS-485-based and ethernet I/O, can be implemented in diverse applications.

Amazon.com: USB Data Acquisition Module: Computers ...

USB Data Acquisition Card Module 779026-01 DAQ for National Instruments NI USB-6009 4.5 out of 5 stars 4. $195.99. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. U3-HV USB DAQ Device with 4 Dedicated High-Voltage (±10V) Analog Inputs, 12 Flexible I/O for Analog and Digital Data Acquisition of Sensors, Controlling Relays, Automation and Timers 4 ...

Energy Data Acquisition | WAGO

For our modular energy data acquisition, we rely on an open and flexible system that you can easily install and extend. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a customized solution or want to use our standard solution.

Data Acquisition Products for ANY Application and Budget

Data Acquisition Products. DATAQ Instruments' line of data acquisition products begin with our Starter Kits that offer industry-leading price and performance. Supplied with our ready-to-run WinDaq software you'll be acquiring and analyzing data within minutes of opening the box. WinDaq software support is also extended to more advance products ...

Data Acquisition Modules for sale | eBay

National instruments NI SCXI-1000S Data Acquisition SCXI-1600 Module SCXI-1125. C $617.14. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS SCB-68 DATA ACQUISITION MODULE BOARD BOX NEW IN BOX TC-3-A. C $445.72. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS SCB-68 DATA ACQUISITION MODULE BOARD BOX TC-3-B. C $198.86. AEROFLEX 3005 19-Slot PXI chassis w 3010 3020c 3011 3030C 3065A NI PXI-8360 card . C $4,110.24. National Instruments PXI-8420/2 NI ...

IOlog input/output modules

SS10000 SERIES – Industrial I/O modules with Modbus RTU/ASCII Industrial I/O Modules. SS10000 includes a series of data acquisition modules with a RS485 interface and a Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, featuring a low-profile format which makes them suitable for DIN rail mounting inside industrial electrical cabinets.

PC-connected Data Acquisition - DATAQ Instruments

PC-connected Data Acquisition. DATAQ Instruments offers a wide range of PC-connected data acquisition products that acquire data directly to a PC over its USB or Ethernet interface. Hardware products for any application and budget combine with included software that acquires, displays, reviews, and exports data with ease and without programming ...

NI SCXI-1000 data acquisition industrial control chassis 1303 1102 1600 1581 1124 module

Advantech ADAM-5000 / TCP module 7-slot Ethernet-based data acquisition control system

Free shipping AD7705 dual channel 16 bit ADC data acquisition module input gain programmable SPI interface TM7705

MCP3421-18 ADC data acquisition card NEW module, 24 bit ads1256,18 bit

HANMIAutoNet module HFRC-01 4 slot data acquisition control system HFRDO-32 HFRDI-32

Digital module main control board with our AD acquisition module digital control module

TLC2652 Module Weak Signal Acquisition Amplifier Module DC Signal Amplification Chopper Amplifier Function demo Board

K-type thermocouple module RS485 MAX6675 temperature sensor acquisition module MODBUS communication function demo board

E31-230T27D 27dBm wireless transceiver module AX5243 230MHz 500mW 5.0km high reliability Data transmission wireless module RF

SM1000B RS485 industrial temperature acquisition module MODBUS protocol

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