George Plumley Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress

Clear the «blog fog» with this complete visual guide to the WordPress platform Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress, 3rd Edition introduces you to the exciting possibilities of one of the world's most popular blogging platforms, and shows you how to build your blog from idea to execution. This edition has been updated to reflect the changes and new features of WordPress, and includes coverage of mobile blogging solutions that allow you to post on the go. Richly illustrated with screenshots and examples from the author's own WordPress blogs, this highly visual guide walks you through the setup and creation process step by step, and offers expert tips and tricks every step of the way. From installing WordPress and choosing a theme to custom site editing and self-hosting, this book provides the answers you need and helps you get organized and published quickly. This is your essential guide to getting the most out of WordPress, from basic setup to advanced mobile features. Customize your site with plug-ins, themes, and personalized editing Blog whenever, wherever, with mobile blogging solutions Buy your domain, choose a hosting service, and set up the admin stuff Learn the best practices that result in engaging, dynamic websites Whether you're promoting a business, building a personal brand, or just have something to say, this is your no-nonsense guide to building your blog.

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Lisa Sabin-Wilson WordPress All-in-One For Dummies

Everything you need to know about WordPress If you strive to have a blog that suits your needs, delights your readers, and keeps visitors coming back for more, this book is your ace in the hole! Offering you cream-of-the-crop guidance from eight bestselling books, WordPress All-in-One For Dummies is the only reference you need to get a handle on blogging basics, use SEO and social media tricks to drive traffic to your site, customize your blog with plugins and themes, and so much more. WordPress powers more than 25% of the web—and for good reason. It's a state-of-the-art blog-publishing platform that makes your site look professional, lets it be searchable, and provides readers with a pleasant user experience. Whether you're just dreaming up your first blog or want to learn to use the latest version of the software to keep your site up to date, WordPress All-in-One For Dummies is the way to go! Build your site foundation and become an admin pro Personalize your site with themes and plugins Use SEO and social media to extend your site Read and understand site analytics WordPress is free—and with a bit of help from this how-to guide, it can also be easy!

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Brad Williams Professional WordPress. Design and Development

The highest rated WordPress development and design book on the market is back with an all new third edition. Professional WordPress is the only WordPress book targeted to developers, with advanced content that exploits the full functionality of the most popular CMS in the world. Fully updated to align with WordPress 4.1, this edition has updated examples with all new screenshots, and full exploration of additional tasks made possible by the latest tools and features. You will gain insight into real projects that currently use WordPress as an application framework, as well as the basic usage and functionality of the system from a developer's perspective. The book's key features include detailed information and real-world examples that illustrate the concepts and techniques at work, plus code downloads and examples accessible through the companion website. Written by practicing WordPress developers, the content of this edition focuses on real world application of WordPress concepts that extend beyond the current WordPress version. WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing, and has grown to be the largest self-hosted website platform in the world. This book helps you use WordPress efficiently, effectively, and professionally, with new ideas and expert perspectives on full system exploitation. Get up to speed on the new features in WordPress 4.1 Learn cutting edge uses of WordPress, including real-world projects Discover how to migrate existing websites to WordPress Understand current best practices and tools in WordPress development WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architected personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL, and has evolved to be used as a full content management system through thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. Professional WordPress is the essential developer's guide to this multifunctional system.

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Aaron Brazell WordPress Bible

Get the latest word on the biggest self-hosted blogging tool on the market Within a week of the announcement of WordPress 3.0, it had been downloaded over a million times. Now you can get on the bandwagon of this popular open-source blogging tool with WordPress Bible, 2nd Edition. Whether you're a casual blogger or programming pro, this comprehensive guide covers the latest version of WordPress, from the basics through advanced application development. If you want to thoroughly learn WordPress, this is the book you need to succeed. Explores the principles of blogging, marketing, and social media interaction Shows you how to install and maintain WordPress Thoroughly covers WordPress basics, then ramps up to advanced topics Guides you through best security practices as both a user and a developer Helps you enhance your blog?s findability in major search engines and create customizable and dynamic themes Author maintains a high-profile blog in the WordPress community, Technosailor.com Tech edited by Mark Jaquith, one of the lead developers of WordPress The WordPress Bible is the only resource you need to learn WordPress from beginning to end.

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Janet Majure Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress

Get your blog up and running with the latest version of WordPress WordPress is one of the most popular, easy-to-use blogging platforms and allows you to create a dynamic and engaging blog, even if you have no programming skills or experience. Ideal for the visual learner, Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress, Second Edition introduces you to the exciting possibilities of the newest version of WordPress and helps you get started, step by step, with creating and setting up a WordPress site. Author and experienced WordPress user Janet Majure shares advice, insight, and best practices for taking full advantage of all that WordPress has to offer. Presents completely updated coverage of new mobile blogging solutions Shares advice on customizing sites through use of plug-ins and themes and custom site editing Details more advanced procedures for self-hosted bloggers, including buying a domain, getting a web host, and installing WordPress Demonstrates key points with examples from the author's own WordPress blogs Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress, Second Edition clears the air around any blog fog you may find yourself in and gets you started with creating your own dynamic WordPress blog today!

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Максим Соколов Конвертер Webflow to Wordpress. Справочник

Это подробный справочник для разработчиков сайтов на платформе «Конвертер Webflow to Wordpress». Используя данное пособие вы никогда не запутаетесь в метках и сможете быстро освоить конвертацию сайта из сверстанного макета Webflow в тему для Wordpress.

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George Plumley WordPress 24-Hour Trainer

The easy, self-paced guide to the powerful WordPress platform WordPress 24-Hour Trainer, 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive, unique book-and-video package that focuses on the practical, everyday tasks you will face when creating and maintaining WordPress websites. This easy-to-use, friendly guide will show you how to create and edit pages, integrate your site with social media, keep your site secure, make content more search engine friendly to help drive website traffic, troubleshoot the most common WordPress issues, and much more. This updated edition of WordPress 24-Hour Trainer covers the latest features of WordPress 4.0 and 4.1 in an easy-to-use format: Fully-illustrated guides to key tasks you'll need to perform with WordPress. At the end of each lesson a list of related plugins you can install to make WordPress an even more powerful tool. Step-by-step guides at the end of lessons to help you practice what you just learned. Videos that show you first hand some of the concepts in each lesson. WordPress 24-Hour Trainer, 3rd Edition is your perfect real-world guide to fully leveraging this powerful platform.

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Janet Majure Teach Yourself Visually WordPress

Get your blog up and running with WordPress Are you itching to share your thoughts with the world through blogging but aren't sure how? Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress introduces you to one of the most popular, easy-to-use blogging platforms: WordPress. This book's clear directions and visual approach helps you to quickly get started in WordPress and then take full advantage of all its features. Janet Majure, an experienced and popular WordPress user, demonstrates key points with examples from her blogs. Provides visual step-by-step instructions for creating and setting up a WordPress site Explains how to create engaging written and visual content Shares advice on customizing sites through use of plug-ins and themes and custom site editing Details more advanced procedures for self-hosted bloggers, including buying a domain, getting a Web host, and installing WordPress The blogosphere beckons! Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress Brimming with clear instructions and exciting ideas for building a successful blog on WordPress.

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Уильямс Брайан, Дэмстра Д., Стэрн Х. WordPress для профессионалов

Эта книга, выходящая во втором издании, поможет вам стать экспертом в разработке сайтов на базе платформы WordPress. WordPress является самой популярной в мире бесплатной CMS-системой, однако большинство разработчиков используют только базовые функции WordPress, не углубляясь в профессиональную веб-разработку на ее основе. Вместе с тем, если использовать WordPress по максимуму, на его базе можно создавать проекты любого уровня сложности и дизайна. В книге подробно описана система CMS, ее основные функциональные элементы, внутренняя работа кода и структуры данных. Рассказывается о разработке собственных дизайн-тем, использовании плагинов и написании расширений, настройке и оптимизации крупных ресурсов, работающих на этой системе. Издание содержит большое количество примеров и готового кода, который можно использовать на своих проектах. Книга адресована широкому кругу разработчиков: от тех, кто стремится выполнить тонкую настройку темы WordPress, до более опытных разработчиков, знакомых с разработкой плагинов.

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WP Admin – WordPress.com

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

WordPress.com: Erstelle kostenlos eine Website oder ein Blog

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

WP Admin Dashboard – Support — WordPress.com

WP Admin can be considered as the classic WordPress dashboard. You will often see images of this dashboard when looking at WordPress tutorials online. While you can do almost everything in your main WordPress.com dashboard, you can use WP Admin if that is your preference.

Was ist das WordPress Admin Dashboard? (Überblick und Tipps)

Das WordPress-Admin-Dashboard, oft als WP-Admin oder WP-Admin-Panel bezeichnet, ist im Wesentlichen das Control Panel für deine gesamte WordPress-Website. Hier kannst du Inhalte erstellen und verwalten, Funktionen in Form von Plugins hinzufügen, das Design in Form von Themes ändern und vieles mehr.

WordPress Admin-Login: So finden Sie wp-login.php - CHIP

Login zum Admin-Panel bei WordPress finden Fast jedes WordPress-Theme blendet standardmäßig das Widget "Meta" ein, über das Sie sich in den Admin-Bereich einloggen. Blenden Sie dieses Panel aus,...

WordPress Anleitung Teil 2: Der WordPress Admin Bereich

In dieser WordPress Anleitung erkläre ich dir den WP Adminbereich und gebe dir Tipps zu allen wichtigen Einstellungen und Funktionen von WordPress. Dies ist der zweite Teil meines WordPress Tutorials. Im ersten Teil ging es um eine grundlegenden WordPress Einführung. Hier beschäftigen wir uns jetzt speziell mit den Funktionen und der Bedienung des WP Backends. Das WordPress Dashboard ist ...

WP-Login: So loggen Sie sich bei WordPress ein | STRATO

Haben Sie Ihren WordPress-Account angelegt, sind Sie der Administrator, auch „WP-Admin“ genannt. Als Admin haben Sie das uneingeschränkte Bearbeitungsrecht an Ihrer WordPress-Website.

Protect WP Admin – WordPress-Plugin | WordPress.org Deutsch

WP Protect Admin wordpress plugin will safe your site from hackers and give you extra features like (change existing user name and track user login history log) to make secure your website. If you run a WordPress website, you should absolutely use „protect-wp-admin“ to secure it against hackers.

Komme nicht mehr auf die WP-Admin Seiten | WordPress.org ...

Support » Allgemeine Fragen » Komme nicht mehr auf die WP-Admin Seiten. Komme nicht mehr auf die WP-Admin Seiten. Gelöst spiraverde (@spiraverde) vor 2 Jahre, 8 Monaten. Ich komme seit rund drei Wochen nicht mehr auf meine Seite. Die Seite ist für Besucher ganz normal sichtbar. Ich komme aber nicht mehr in den Admin Zugang. Zuvor blieb die Seite einfach weiß. Jetzt kommt folgende Meldung ...

WordPress Login - FAQ rund um das WP Login

In vielen Wordpress-Themes (oft auch als Layouts, Templates oder Designs bezeichnet) wird darauf verzichtet, den sogenannten WP-Meta -Bereich mit auf der Webseite ausgeben zu lassen. Dieser bindet neben einen Verweis auf wordpress.org Links für RSS-Feeds sowie einen Ab- und Anmelde-Button auf der Seite ein.

6 Tipps: So wirst du dein langsames Wordpress Admin ...

5. wp-admin und wp-includes austauschen. Bei mir hat diese Methode gut geholfen, allerdings empfehle ich vorher -zur Sicherheit- ein funktionierendes Backup. Dabei muss man die WordPress Ordner „wp-admin“ und „wp-includes“ durch die Ordner einer frischen WordPress Installation austauschen. Und so geht man vor:

Change wp-admin login – WordPress-Plugin | WordPress.org ...

It simply intercepts page requests and works on any WordPress website. After you activate this plugin the wp-admin directory and wp-login.php page will become unavailable, so you should bookmark or remember the url. Disable this plugin brings your site back exactly to the state it was before.

Wordpress Admin-Login für Website mit URL: Hier findet ihr es

Ein letzter Tipp: Mit dem Kürzel wp-admin gelangt ihr am einfachsten zum Wordpress Admin-Login. Um euch das Eintippen des Kürzels zu ersparen, könnt ihr aber auch einfach die fertige Login ...

7 typische WordPress Probleme und ihre Lösungen - WP Ninjas

Nun lädst du die entpackten Ordner wp-admin und wp-includes hoch, und überschreibst die bestehenden damit. Danach machst du das gleiche mit allen Dateien außer der wp-config.php und der .htaccess. In manchen Fällen hilft das, den White Screen of Death zu bekämpfen. FTP Daten gefordert bei Installation oder Updates von Plugins und Themes Was ist das? Es kann vorkommen, dass du der ...


By default, WordPress's manamagent panel is "/wp-admin". While many users do not know how to change this address, it can become the target of malicious people. Although it is easy to change this address by hand, it may seem like a very difficult job for someone who is novice in this regard. That's where the Lockdown WP Admin plugin comes in. It allows you to change your admin panel address in ...

wp-login.php?redirect_to | WordPress.org Deutsch

Das Anmeldeformular ist wp-login.php, während wp-admin das Verzeichnis mit den Funktionen des WordPress-Backend ist. Rufst du im Browser direkt wp-admin auf, prüft WordPress, ob du angemeldet bist und der entsprechende Anmelde-Cookie im Browser gesetzt ist. Ist das nicht der Fall, wirst du automatisch auf das Anmeldeformular umgeleitet.

WordPress Admin Login | Dashboard & Backend

wp-admin Zugang sicher gestalten. WordPress ist das verbreitetste CMS der Welt. Aus diesem Grund ist es für Hacker ein beliebtes Ziel. Diese suchen sich allerdings WordPress-Insatallationen mit einfachen Sicherheitslücken. Genau aus diesem Grund solltest du für den wp-admin Bereich ein paar Sicherheitseinstellungen setzten, damit die Hacker bei dir keine Chance haben und es auf anderen ...

WordPress Admin Login – Panel finden | TippCenter

Mit WordPress können Sie Ihre Websites bearbeiten und erweitern. Damit Sie jedoch nicht auf jede beliebige Domain zugreifen und etwas ändern können, müssen Sie sich natürlich als Admin authentifizieren. Mit einem Benutzernamen und einem Passwort bestätigen Sie Ihre Identität.


Zurück zu WordPress.com. Möchtest du uns helfen, WordPress auf Deutsch zu übersetzen? Unsere Websites und Dashboards nutzen Cookies. Wenn du fortfährst, stimmst du ihrer Nutzung zu. Weitere Informationen, einschließlich zur Kontrolle von Cookies, findest du hier. Alles klar! ...

Wp-Admin | WordPress.org

But ideally I assume they should have provided you control panel or some kind of access to install wordpress, which will be followed by creating an admin account for your wordpress installation. It is not necessary that these details be the same as your bluehost logins, but there is a possibility they could be same again. So the best bet here is to confirm from bluehost support.

How To Rename "wp-admin" in WordPress (Quick)

Renaming the wp-admin in WordPress is a nice to way to secure your WordPress dashboard. Many new WordPress users ignore this simple technique, only realize this after their website has been hacked. Reply. DSS Software. August 7, 2019 at 10:38 AM Yeah! the technique is very useful to rename my wp admin. Thanks a lot. Reply. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Comment. Name Email Website. Notify me of ...


Continue with Google Continue with Apple. If you continue with Google or Apple and don't already have a WordPress.com account, you are creating an account and you ...

WordPress: Weiße Seite im Admin-Bereich oder ... - Der WP Typ

/wp-admin/ kann es sein, dass WordPress an sich beschädigt ist. Vielleicht, weil ein Update fehlschlug. In diesem Fall würde ich ein manuelles WordPress update empfehlen: Laden Sie sich die aktuelle Version von wordpress.org herunter. Entpacken Sie das ZIP-Archiv auf Ihrem Rechner. Stellen Sie eine Verbindung über FTP zur WordPress-Installation her. Laden Sie alle Dateien als Backup auf ...

WordPress-Login (wp-admin) schützen: wp-login umbenennen ...

Plugin-Empfehlung: Rename wp.login.php Dieses kostenlose Plugin ist zwar schon etwas älter, erfüllt seinen Zweck aber auch mit aktuellen WordPress-Installationen einwandfrei – wir haben es mit WordPress 4.8.2 getestet. In Ihrem WordPress-Admin, klicken Sie auf Plugins > Installieren; Suchen Sie nach Rename wp-login.php


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy WordPress.com.

WordPress installieren in 5 Minuten (2020 Update)

WordPress installieren in 5 Minuten. Wie bereits im vorherigen Blog Hosting Artikel angesprochen spricht sehr vieles dafür, dass man seinen Blog selbst auf einem eigenen Webspace hosten sollte. Möchte man selbst WordPress installieren ist es allerdings notwendig, dass man das Webhosting für die WordPress Installation vorbereitet.

What Is the WordPress Admin Dashboard? (Overview and Tips)

The WordPress admin dashboard, often called WP Admin or WP admin panel, is essentially the control panel for your entire WordPress website. It’s where you create and manage content, add functionality in the form of plugins, change styling in the form of themes, and lots, lots more. Try a free demo . If you’re using WordPress, the WordPress admin panel is going to be a big part of your life ...

Top 14 WordPress Admin Dashboard Themes and Plugins 2020 ...

Slate Admin Theme makes the WordPress admin dashboard a much more compact experience. An experience that focuses on the aspect of writing content, rather than doing external things like managing plugins and themes. With Slate, the focus switches from a ‘cluttered’ dashboard, to one that emphasizes writing and editing within the editor. This theme is being used by more than two thousand ...

Ausführliche Anleitung: WordPress installieren · Elbnetz

Sollte das nicht klappen, starten Sie die Installation, indem Sie mit dem Browser zu der Seite install.php surfen. Sie liegt relativ zu den Daten, die hochgeladen wurden, im Unterordner „wp-admin“.

How To Change WP-Admin Url For Wordpress - Hide Your WP ...

In this video, ill show you all how to change or hide your wp-admin loing for wordpress. When you first install wordpress, you are given the option to only h...

WP Admin Logo Changer – WordPress-Plugin | WordPress.org ...

This plugin is useful when you need to change wordpress admin panel default logo. The default logo will be replaced by the uploaded new logo. Screenshots. Viewing WP admin without WP Admin Logo Changer plugin; WP Admin Logo Changer plugin settings page; Viewing WP admin with WP Admin Logo Changer plugin; Installation. To install this plugin follow below steps. Upload the plugin files to the ...

WordPress Login URL ändern – Seite wp-admin bzw. wp-login ...

1. Nur etwas technischen Verständnis reicht aus, um zu erkennen, dass du WordPress verwendest. Für Hacker ist es ziemlich einfach herauszufinden, ob eine bestimmte Website eine WordPress-Webseite ist oder nicht.Es reicht ein Blick auf den Quelltext und Pfade wie /wp-content lassen darauf schließen, dass WordPress verwendet wird.Sobald jemand weiß, dass deine Webseite eine WP-Seite ist ...

WP-Admin Not Working? Fix 'Can't Access WordPress Admin' Error

We’re confident that one of these measures has helped you log into wp-admin. However, in the rare case that you still haven’t been able to solve the issue, we have a few pointers. What To Do If You Still Can’t Access wp-admin. If you’re still locked out of your WordPress admin, here’s what you can do:

Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS — WordPress.org

Extend WordPress with over 55,000 plugins to help your website meet your needs. Add an online store, galleries, mailing lists, forums, analytics, and much more. Community. Hundreds of thousands of developers, content creators, and site owners gather at monthly meetups in 817 cities worldwide. Find a local WordPress community . Get Started with WordPress. Over 60 million people have chosen ...

WordPress.com: Erstelle kostenlos eine Website oder ein Blog

WordPress wird von mehr Bloggern, Kleinunternehmen und Fortune‑500‑Unternehmen genutzt als alle anderen Anbieter zusammen. Schließe dich den Millionen von Menschen an, die bereits auf WordPress.com ihr digitales Zuhause gefunden haben. Deine Website erstellen. Erstelle eine Website. Verkaufe deine Waren. Starte ein Blog. Und so viel mehr. Alles auf . Ganz einfach. Erstelle jede Art von ...

wp admin | WP-CLI Command | WordPress Developer Resources

Use the wp admin command by installing the command's package: wp package install wp-cli/admin-command. Once the package is successfully installed, the wp admin command will appear in the list of available commands. Command documentation is regenerated at every release. To add or update an example, please submit a pull request against the ...

WordPress: Wartungsmodus aktivieren in wenigen Schritten

Den WordPress-Wartungsmodus solltet ihr aktivieren, wenn ihr am laufenden System Änderungen vornehmt, aber die Besucher es nicht sehen sollen...

Change Your Wordpress URL /wp-admin/ - YouTube

You can hide your /wp-admin/ login page to a url you name it in order to hide that you use a Wordpress website or to keep people from trying to login on your...

change WordPress wp-admin login url without plugin | W3REIGN

How To Change WordPress wp-admin Login URL to Improve Security? If you run a WordPress website, you should restrict the default wp-admin or Admin login URL to secure it against hackers. One of the most common types of hacking on WordPress is a brute force attack. In this kind of attack, a hacker attempts to try various permutations & combinations of usernames & passwords to get inside of your ...

is_admin() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources

Description # Description. Does not check if the user is an administrator; use current_user_can() for checking roles and capabilities.. For more information on this and similar theme functions, check out the Conditional Tags article in the Theme Developer Handbook.

Protect WordPress login (wp-admin): rename wp-login - IONOS

With the right WordPress plugin this can be done in just a few minutes. Plugin recommendation: Rename wp.login.php This free plugin is a bit older, but also works fine with current WordPress installations - we tested it with WordPress 4.8.2. In your WordPress Admin, click Plugins > Install; Search for Rename wp-login.php

Wie Du Deine WordPress Login URL findest - Support Camp

Gerade wenn man anfängt mit WordPress zu arbeiten kann es schon mal vorkommen, dass man sich fragt “Wie kann ich mich denn jetzt in meine eigene WordPress Webseite einloggen?” oder man kommt einfach nicht auf die Anmelde URL die man gestern noch besucht hat. Aber keine Sorge – das gehört zu den allgemeinen Erfahrungen die man macht, wenn man seine eigene, selbst-gehostete WordPress ...

What is Admin Area in WordPress? - WPBeginner

The WordPress admin area is the administration center of a WordPress powered website. An administrator has full access to all the sections within the WordPress Admin Area. Users with other roles such as editor, contributor, or author have limited access to the admin area. Some users such as users with the subscriber role only have access to their profile page inside the admin area.

Customizing the Login Form « WordPress Codex

Input fields for "Username" and "Password." A "Remember Me" checkbox. If checked your browser keeps you logged in for 14 days. (If unchecked you're logged out when you quit the browser, or after two days.)

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Lisa Sabin-Wilson WordPress Web Design For Dummies

Your full-color guide to creating dynamic websites with WordPress Are you familiar with the fundamentals of WordPress, but want to take your skills to the next level? From bestselling author and WordPress expert Lisa Sabin-Wilson, this new edition of WordPress Web Design For Dummies quickly gets you up to speed on the latest release of the software and shows you how to use it as a tool to create a customized, compelling, and cost-effective website—without losing your cool. WordPress can be used to create a custom design for your website using complimentary technologies such as graphic design, CSS, HTML coding, PHP programming, and MySQL administration. With the help of this hands-on, friendly guide, you'll discover how to create an effective navigation system, choose the right color palette and fonts, and select different layouts. Plus, you'll find out how to tweak existing website designs with available themes, both free and premium, and gain the confidence to translate your design skills into paid work. Create dynamic, custom websites with the self-hosted version of WordPress Use free themes and enhance them with CSS and HTML Create a responsive design for mobile devices and tablet users Get to grips with the newest release of WordPress Whether you want to use WordPress to spruce up your existing website or create a brand-new one from scratch, this do-it-yourself guide has you covered.

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Алексей Номейн Оптимизация сайта на WordPress под поисковые системы

Приветствую вас, дорогой читатель. На своём личном опыте я сделал кое-какие выводы по оптимизации сайта на WordPress под поисковые системы. В данном издании соберу все свои полезные советы для того, чтобы поисковики больше полюбили сайт, сделанный на CMS WordPress. Ничего сложного и сверхъестественного приводить не буду, но я уверен, что, если следовать моим простым советам, любой сайт или блог на WordPress станет более успешным и посещаемым.

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Elizabeth Emens Art of Life Admin

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